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You built up a world of magic,

Because your real life is tragic.

I;m stephanie. I'm 15. I'm bisexual. I posted all of this in my very first journal entry, not realizing i could have a bio. so I'm just going to copy my about me from my myspace. Hi, I'm Stephanie. twitter: twitter.com/stephanieejonas ;I hear my name called full on a rare occasion. Steph's fine. Or whatever you feel like combining to make something that isn't my name. I'm years of age, making me a sophomore in HS. 16 On May 29th. I'm obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. You'll usually see me writing. I love, to fucking write. about anything and everything. My pink notebook is where it's all at. take a gander if you'd like. I am the loudest talking person you will ever meet. But i can make you smile, i guarantee it. Think what you want, say what you want, i could care less. I'm terrified of everything. My last name is apparently impossible to pronounce. I am the single most inpatient person, you will EVER meet. You probably have some type of problem with me. Again, i do not care. I swear way too much and use big words that draw my colorful vocabulary. I love to write, because on paper, I'm allowed to hate the world. a lot of things piss me off. I like to dance and sing at random points of my days. I also, shout random facts, just for fun. I'll do just about anything for a laugh. My life sucks. I love music, epically the sound of an acoustic guitar. I have 4 very annoying birds, So i can tolerate noise. I love concerts. I say whatever i want to, and I'm really not embarrassed of it anymore. if i think your hot, I'll tell you. I'm in love with Disney Channel, and i envy yet idolize everyone on it. Except Cyrus. I argue. A lot. I'll fight for what i believe in, and I'll probably say some crazy shit to you, that really doesn't make any sense. Dugs+Smoking=Dumb, gross shit. Please do not smoke around me. I'm weird, I know already. I'm kind of smart. and i can tell you how to spell anything. I WILL correct you if somethings wrong, but i don't mean to. Basketball is jesus. I'm afraid of falling in love for the soul reason of thinking he wont be there to catch me. I'm addicted to pain, it's a sad story. I've got a sister, it's a love/hate relationship. I'm seriously the most social person ever. Handle me if you can. I love to live behind and in front of the camera. I'm joining the army and getting out of this shithole. If i talk in caps, I promise I'm not yelling, take a gander; ohshiitstephanie <--aim. bamf. byenow